Beyond Women in STEM: Expanding the Narrative (Thinking Carefully About Science)

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Beyond Women in STEM: Expanding the Narrative (Thinking Carefully About Science)

August 20 @ 10:30 pm - August 21 @ 12:30 am

***Beyond Women in STEM: Expanding the Narrative***

Women in STEM movements have been rapidly growing, doing a fantastic job of encouraging more diverse participation in interesting and useful careers. But racialized, disabled, queer, and poor folks are still often left out and harassed. And these movements sometimes uphold science as a source for all the answers. Today we’ll investigate this diversity movement and connect it with everything we’ve been talking about thus far, wrapping up in a large scale discussion of how we can change science to be better both for the people who are doing it and for society at large.




We’re very excited to host this compelling monthly series at the Causerie: ‘Thinking Carefully About Science’ with Emma McKay!


Science is a deep part of all our lives, whether it is a direct part of our careers or not. For many, it is the most reliable way of obtaining objectively true knowledge of the world. In this discussion series, we’re going to complicate that notion. Science is messy and mixed up in society. Building on that deep truth, we’ll talk about broad issues in science in our lives and at large to see how we can move towards equity and sustainability.


This event is the last installment in a five-month series of facilitated discussions on various angles of how we perceive science – and how science issues are more complex than we often think.



Facilitated discussions will be 2 hours long, beginning with introductions and interrupted by a break. Emma will provide information and prompting questions, guiding and synthesizing the discussion along the way. As they are comfortable, participants will provide their own thoughts—it’s these that we really want to hear!


We will provide coffee, tea, and refreshments for this event.

Vegan & gluten-free options always available.


Marit Collective focuses on creating spaces for thoughtful discussion that allows us to listen, learn, and connect across perspectives. We expect all attendees to engage respectfully with the topics and with each other but our events cannot be considered “safe spaces”. We are committed to inclusion, understanding, and making sure everyone present has a chance to contribute their thoughts (if desired).



Emma McKay is a white queer nonbinary anxious mathematician, scientist, and organizer. They co-founded FemPhys at the University of Waterloo—a feminist physics organization aiming to make physics better for marginalized folks using complex analysis of how science actually functions in society. They recently finished their Master’s in Math and are looking to deepen connections in community in Kitchener.




Marit Collective is a social organization that encourages a culture of depth and thoughtfulness through exploring personal insight and human connection. We create space for respectful discussion and consciousness-raising within our own groups and community, working at the personal level to foster more empathy and awareness of each other. We believe that individual shifts in understanding can lead to larger societal evolution in an increasingly polarized world.


Our new home, the Causerie, is a place to listen, learn, and connect across perspectives. With this space, we are working to build a community centered around thoughtful discussion & deeper consideration of complex issues through sharing ideas and personal points-of-view. Read more about us here:




The Causerie is situated in an historical building in downtown Kitchener and as such it has some limitations. There are two steps into the front entrance and five steps inside up into the large event room. There are two gender-unspecified bathrooms and there are no steps to get to them inside the space. The bathrooms have no accessibility devices installed.


This is a scent-free event. Please refrain from using scented colognes, perfumes, hair products or soaps.


For general comfort & cleanliness at the Causerie, we ask visitors to take off their outdoor shoes & bring slippers or clean shoes to wear inside. There is a basket of slippers by the front door that visitors can borrow from as well!

Tickets for this event are priced in two tiers:
$25 general admission
$10 accessible pricing (low-income/underwaged)
*No one turned away due to lack of funds or credit card; please contact to pay cash at the door, or pay-what-you-can and sponsored ticket options.*_____________________________Are you a member of the Causerie? Use the following codes to access your discounted or free event. PLEASE NOTE you must bring your member card with you to the event to verify your identity. Member cards are not transferable though you may be able to bring a friend.Tier 3 members: Use code ‘FULL’ to access your free events!Tier 2 members: Use code ‘FREE’ to access your one-free-per-month event!Tier 1 members: Use code ‘MEMBER’ to access your 20% member discount!Not a member? Join as a member within 24 hours of attending this event, and your ticket price will be counted towards the price of your membership – ask us for details (or email!



August 20 @ 10:30 pm
August 21 @ 12:30 am


Marit Collective – The Causerie @ 154 Victoria Street South, Suite 2, Kitchener, ON, N2G 2B5

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